Growing Together: Julia Tops and Zeidler Farm Breeding Program

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February 2017 - "Young Canadian show jumping athlete Julia Tops has ridden numerous talented mounts over the course of her 20 years, and the ones that have grown up in her own backyard are among the most special." 

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Julia Tops: Successfully Juggling School and Show Jumping

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 January 2017 - “If you’re looking to catch up with Julia Tops this time of year, you’re just as likely to find the young Canadian equestrian seated at a desk studying for class as you are to find her in the saddle. And you will need to be prepared to squeeze into her busy schedule.

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The Best of Both Worlds: Successfully Balancing School and Riding with Julia Tops

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.27.58 AMAugust 2016 - "Ask many young equestrians how they like to spend their free time when not riding and competing, and they're likely to mention hanging out with friends or spending time at the gym. Now ask 18-year-old Julia Tops. Instead of hearing about her favourite hangout, you'll learn about her role as a lead analyst to the G20 Research Group, dedicated to studying compliance to goals put in place at the annual G20 summit."

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